Proudly serving aestheticians since 2005

How We Got Started

In the late 90's our owner worked for a plastic surgeon. She was forced to provide skin leveling procedures with a surgical scalpel wrapped with tape on the sharp tipped end. There were no such instruments available to the aesthetic community. In lieu of safety and as a precaution, she wrapped the sharp tipped end of the scalpel with surgical tape to provide the service now known as "dermaplaning". A few years later, a few companies provided these tools but demanded large amount of skin products to be sold to the physician to have access to this device. As an aesthetician, many specialists needed to work for a physician to have access to these devices at very large price points. Dermaplaning became an acceptable treatment modality in many states for aestheticians who did not work for a physician. In 2005, our owner was a Board Member for her State Cosmetology Board of Regulations, and became aware of the many laws regarding sterility and standards associated with aestheticians. Our dermaplane is designed for ease, safety, and minimal sterility concerns since they are a one time use product that is thrown away after each use.